Family Lawyers In Vaughan Urge Community To Seek Professional Legal Services

Vaughan, Ontario based Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors, a firm that specializes in family law, is reaching out to the community to emphasize the importance of hiring a marriage separation lawyer to handle their cases. The local office is one of the most experienced law firms in the area; they have provided stellar legal representation for their clients in thousands of cases.

Paul Mazzeo, a representative of Mazzeo Law Barrister & Solicitors, states, “We are prepared to help our clients deal with all the difficulties that come with marriage separations. We reassure our clients that they will receive the best legal representation for their cases in Ontario. From acting as mediators between both parties to ensure an effective line of communication to studying our client’s specific situation and determining the best course of action for them, we will employ our expertise to conclude their case promptly and successfully.”

Mazzeo adds that the firm is also capable of helping their clients outside of the court system, as they assert that this is the most advisable path to take in most situations. For those cases who require it, however, the Mazzeo Barristers & Solicitors firm possesses extensive experience handling marriage separation court cases. They state that they can work alongside their clients to plan and compile the documentation necessary to succeed, as well as advising and guiding them through several of the most common troubling legal areas.

“We have many hours of court experience, and each separation lawyer on staff is well-respected in the local legal community,” affirms Mazzeo. He adds that the key to their success lies in their comprehensive understanding of the evolving laws that surround separation and divorce. This expertise is attested to in several of the office’s testimonials, as the community has demonstrated their support of the law firm on multiple occasions.

Through their website, Mazzeo Barrister & Solicitors highlights one of their most recent stories, in which client D.S. says, “It is with the utmost respect that I make this testimonial. Paul worked hard on my son’s separation case. He was studious and often worked on weekends to obtain the results that were very beneficial for my son and grandchildren. It is often the children that bare the brunt of such separations and, with all Paul’s hard work, the children are now safe and will be looked after properly and grow up to be good people of society. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone and be proud and confident to do so.”

Mazzeo has also demonstrated his own expertise as a probate lawyer, as illustrated in another testimonial that says, “Paul Mazzeo has been easy to work with: professional, reliable, and above all very knowledgeable in his field. My case has become rather complicated, yet Paul has been prepared every step of the way. With his expertise and experience, he has been successful in all court appearances. Paul is always well prepared and organized, which I believe is the key to his success. Although this process is highly stressful, Paul is always available to respond to all my concerns. I highly recommend Paul Mazzeo and the staff at Mazzeo Law for any family law issue.”

Some of the firm’s other areas of expertise include professional handling of Child Support Cases, Separation, Divorce, Spousal Support, Child Custody, Matrimonial Law, Domestic Contracts, and Prenuptial Agreements. Additionally, the firm also handles cases involving Real Estate Law, Probates, Estates, Wills, and Trusts. All of these services include personal consultations, in which the office professionally reviews each client’s case and shares advice before pursuing legal action.

The firm’s coverage extends outside Vaughan to its neighbouring areas, including Nobleton, Bolton, Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hills, Woodbridge, Maple, Brampton, Toronto, and North York.

Their website includes more information on the legal services offered at Mazzeo Barristers & Solicitors. Interested parties are welcome to reach out to Mazzeo Law to follow up on any inquiries. More information can also be found at the following link: Family Lawyer in Vaughan

Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors
240 Chrislea Road Suite 100
Vaughan, Ontario L4L 8V1

Phone: (905) 851-5909


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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Shares Advice For Drugged Driving Charges

California based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a team of leading criminal defense attorneys, has issued advice for anyone facing a Drug Impaired Driving Charge in the city. California has some of the strictest impaired driving penalties in the US; however, many people remain unaware that even over-the-counter and prescription drugs could put them at risk. The penalty for drug driving in Los Angeles carries stiff penalties that range from fines to jail terms and even the cancellation of licenses. Learn more here: Penalty for Drug Driving Los Angeles.

Speaking on behalf of Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a representative says, “We have issued this advice because there are a large number of people who think that just because you have a prescription from a doctor, or that because they purchased drugs over the counter from a reputable pharmacy, that they are safeguarded from being arrested. We are reaching out to make every driver aware that many legal drugs carry a warning that a person taking them should not drive a motor vehicle. Whether the vehicle is in motion or not, that person is under the influence according to the California Vehicle Code. We recommend you contact an attorney immediately.”

The firm wants to emphasize that anyone charged with Drug Impaired Driving should immediately call an experienced attorney with experience of defending such cases. A strong advocate who will build the best possible case, and defends each and every case with vigor, is essential. Drug impaired driving charges are time-sensitive as well, as evidence needs to be collected from the site.

The law firm was recently featured on Big Country 99.5 in an article that discusses the implications of refusing a breathalyzer test. In it, they state that, “refusing to give a breath sample in Los Angeles is a criminal offense in and of itself. Depending on the circumstances, it will often only worsen the situation for the accused. Instead of a DUI charge, they will now be facing charges for refusing to provide a breath sample in addition to impaired driving, worsening their situation and potentially extending the severity of the punishment that they will have to undergo.”

The firm’s representative was quoted on refusing a breathalyzer test, explaining, “You will inevitably, and immediately, be dealing with aggravated consequences in addition to the standard California DUI penalties. This includes a mandatory driver’s license suspension that will occur regardless of the outcome of your DUI case, extended jail time, additional fines, travel restrictions and loss of income.” Two of the most common appeals to dispute a DUI refusal case is that the accused was so inebriated or incapacitation due to medical reasons that they were unable to understand the demand being made (or the effects of the refusal).

The lawyers at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer have more than 30 years’ experience defending clients with the vigor and knowledge needed to ensure that each of their clients received the most robust defense possible. With their help, many of their clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Venture, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and other Southern California communities have had the severity of their punishment reduced.

Those looking for a drunk driving lawyer in Los Angeles need to find a reliable attorney with a comprehensive understanding of both the drunk driving laws and the procedures that need to be carried out. Learn more here: Drunk Driving Lawyer Los Angeles.

Their representative asserts, “We provide a full range of DUI services. From the moment you are charged with your first DUI offense, please call an experienced attorney like our firm. Our primary goal is to make sure our clients avoid a DUI or DUID conviction and DMV license suspension. Regardless of your charge, we know how time-critical your situation can be. We will be with you every step of the way, helping ensure your rights are protected and providing a robust defense. We can also help you get an existing DUI expunged.”

The firm advises anyone charged with any DUI offence to seek assistance from the team at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer as quickly as possible. This will help ensure that the best defense can be built and defended by an advocate who is committed to defending their rights. More information can be found on their website.

DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

3203-506 S Spring St
Los Angeles, California 90013

Phone: 323-406-8046

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Impaired Driving Lawyer in Toronto Offers Free Initial Consultation

Toronto, Ontario – A renowned impaired driving lawyer Toronto is offering free initial consultation for DUI offences.

The DUI lawyer is part of a firm that specialises in drunk driving laws. Their website features comprehensive information on DUI laws, fines and penalties, defence strategies and a guide to getting expert legal representation.

“DUI constitutes a bulk of criminal cases on trial in Toronto,” the same impaired driving lawyer from Toronto said. “Drivers involved in these cases tend to be emotionally overwhelmed and confused by the legal complexities. Getting legal representation is the logical next step but many are hindered by the thought of legal costs and fees. By offering free initial in-person consultation, we can break down this barrier for potential clients and help them with their DUI cases.”

Aside from a free consultation, the Toronto-based firm’s website provides useful information for the driving public, as well as DUI-related news updates.

In Ontario, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle when a person has breached the following blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentages: 0.08% or higher for drivers who are 21 years old operating a regular passenger vehicle; 0.04% or higher for drivers operating a commercial vehicle; and 0.01% or higher for drivers who are below 21 years old.

Drunk driving is considered a serious criminal offence in Toronto. Legally mandated consequences can include cancellation of driver’s licence, payment of hefty fines, jail time, mandatory education or treatment program, installation of ignition interlock device in the vehicle, probation or a criminal record. In a DUI situation, immediate access to legal representation is crucial to the outcome.

An August report cited a study which noted that DUIs in Canada are on a decline nationally, with fatalities decreasing by one-third in the past three decades. Research and educational public awareness campaigns have been identified as possible contributing factors to this trend. However, drunk driving continues be a persistent issue across Canada. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that every day, 29 people die in motor crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver.

The same report noted that Toronto has 1.71% of drivers with a DUI, which is 8% higher than the national average, although not as high as other Ontario cities like Ottawa (29%) and Hamilton (30%).

The DUI lawyer added, “The initial in-person consultation allows us to understand what we’re possibly dealing with. Potential clients come in stressed as it is, so this meeting is all about us being able to lend our experience and expertise, without any pressure on them.”

According to the firm’s website, there are no prevailing cost criteria for DUI lawyers in Toronto, as costs can vary from case to case. A written retainer agreement is the most reliable way to define and determine scope of work as well as estimated cost. This allows clients to plan their finances ahead; protects them from hidden costs.

Interested clients can visit the website to schedule a free initial consultation and to access free Toronto DUI information.

Toronto DUI Lawyers
551 Gerrard St E Suite 1A
Toronto, Ontario M4M 1X7

Phone: (416) 816-4848


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RLP Website Helps Clients Legally Buy Houses For Sale in Toronto

Woodbridge, Ontario based RLP Maximum is reaching out to the community to announce that their real estate agents will continue to be at their disposal. The firm asserts that their clients will be able to seek their agents’ input and advice whenever they require it.

Over the years, browsing houses for sale in Greater Toronto has become a more challenging task than it used to be. The raw number of new listings posted every day, along with the variations in price for otherwise similar properties, can be enough to leave any homebuyer wondering how they can navigate this market. This is due to the fact that it can be difficult for them to form clear ideas and make prompt decisions without any guidance.

In such situations, where no clear distinction can be made between the variation in price for two properties, assistance and insight from an experienced real estate agent can prove quite helpful. Given that they are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable real estate agencies in Ontario, RLP Maximum comes to the aid of local homebuyers who find themselves in this situation, offering both a convenient way for them to search and sort through properties as well as professional advice that can help them locate and act on the best opportunities.

“While navigating the real estate market is certainly not an easy task, having the assistance and guidance of professionals will help you make the most out of the already-present opportunities that you otherwise may have missed,” says a representative of RLP Maximum. “At RLP Maximum, we do not only help our clients search houses for sale, we work alongside them to determine their needs, budget and the type of property that they desire. Once this is done, we’ll search and sort through the listings in the area for properties that match their criteria, highlighting those that meet their specifications as well as those that we consider good opportunities. Whether you act upon any of these opportunities or not is up to you. Our task is simply to ensure that you will be spared the hassle of searching for these properties yourself.”

RLP Maximum points out that they feature a significant number of listings for different types of properties for sale on their website, with criteria that includes detached, semi-detached, condominiums, vacant lands and commercial properties. On this platform, the real; estate agency features properties all across the Greater Toronto Area in all conditions, including houses that need investment and repairs as well as others that are ready to be moved in at the client’s convenience. The prices here depend on the type of property in question and its location, ranging anywhere from $100,000 up to $5,000,000 for luxury real estate.

The local company is continuously expanding upon their website’s listings. They have stated on several occasions that their goal is to offer various options for their clients regardless of what their needs may be. They are constantly acquiring and selling new properties in pursuit of this goal. The company also remarks that all of the listings on their website rely on RLP Maximum’s staff to fulfill the purchase. As such, their clients can also expect a hassle-free experience as they proceed with the purchase. Notably, RLP Maximum’s website also features luxury real estate for rent in Toronto, presenting opportunities for those looking for a temporary place to live in this culturally-rich area.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, RLP Maximum is one of the most prestigious real estate agencies in Ontario. They are known for supporting an extraordinarily broad catalog of properties as well as being the best way to access local MLS listings. The agency offers their clients the benefit of working with realtors who know what they are doing and go out of their way to make each homebuyer’s life easier.

RLP Maximum possesses several customer reviews that attest to the excellence of their services. For instance, Tony Miccel says, “I love the location, and the friendly service you get has always been a pleasure. I’ve always been greeted with a fantastic cup of espresso and lovely girls over at the reception always willing to give a helping hand.”

The company’s website offers more details on RLP Maximum and their services along with a contact form that clients can use to request assistance. Clients may also connect with the agency’s real estate experts through their official social media platforms.


RLP Maximum
7694 Islington Ave
Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 1W3

Phone: (905) 856-7514

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Alberta Personal Injury Lawyer Launches New Website

An Alberta, Canada based Firm is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The personal injury firm’s new online platform provides a great deal of useful information regarding their experienced attorneys and their legal services.

The firm’s lawyer is is qualified both as an personal injury lawyer and as a doctor, giving him a unique understanding of personal injury and how it relates to the law. He is dedicated to fighting for justice for those who have been injured in some way. “I’m one of the few attorneys who is also a medical practitioner, so I know how to work with other attorneys, healthcare providers and insurance companies to get the best possible outcome for my clients,” he says.

With a combined total of over three decades of legal experience, The firm’s attorneys provide legal representation to victims of personal injury accidents and negligence. They aggressively negotiate and litigate on behalf of their clients, with the goal being to get the maximum compensation possible. The firm understands what personal injury can mean for the injured. When injured, one cannot work, and they are generally inconvenienced as day to day tasks will likely become much more difficult to carry out. This awareness of what sort of predicament each individual client might be in—combined with an in-depth understanding of Alberta personal injury law, a great deal of courtroom experience and his medical background—allows them to offer clients the representation they need to get the compensation they deserve.

The firm’s Alberta personal injury lawyers are trained to strategically fight insurance companies and large corporations in court. As the firm says, “Whether your case involves a major trucking company, a corporate nursing home, a major insurance company or a large hospital, we make it our priority to investigate each case thoroughly. We pride ourselves on taking cases other Georgia law firms may find challenging to handle. Our injury lawyers in Calgary have established themselves as respected trial attorneys who are not afraid to go to court to get their clients the compensation they deserve. Our goal is for our clients to receive the maximum settlement amount allowed by law, and we will fight aggressively to meet that end.”

One aspect that sets the firm apart from most of their peers is their personal approach to client satisfaction. For instance, the firm believes it is necessary for the client to feel comfortable with their attorney. From the first phone call to the first free initial consultation, the firm makes it a point to get to know the client, learn all the details of their case and how they have been affected by their injuries. Following this, they will figure out how best to help the client with their case.

A number of clients have left great reviews of the firm. One review on the Google platform, from a client named Ramad, says, “They have set the standard for me when it comes to attorneys. This is my first time having legal assistance, and Adam Sade showed me how it’s supposed to be done. He kept me well informed step by step. Most of all, he made me feel as if I was his only client. If I had any questions, he was right there to answer. This was an amazing experience. Thank you, Adam, you are the best!”

Another client shares that they experienced, “Very friendly service. The team is there to help you every step of the way. My case took a while to solve as there were a bunch of hoops that had to be jumped through, but I have a lot of trust in this firm and will use them again if needed. They truly care about their clients and keep the clients best interest in mind. 10/10 recommend to others if you need a personal injury attorney.”

For assistance with any type of personal injury case, get in touch with law office in Alberta. The firm would be more than happy to offer a free initial consultation and, should one choose to continue with them, provide the best legal representation in Alberta, Canada.


Alberta Personal Injury Lawyers
12955 153 AVE NW #71636
Edmonton, Alberta T6V 0E3

Phone: (587) 200-8750

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File For Bankruptcy Under The Bankruptcy Code

Anne Piero Silagy, Esq., Attorney at Law, is a debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.

Facing debt can be an overwhelming experience, and can easily leave you feeling like all your options have disappeared. But that’s simply not the case. The Bankruptcy Code contains Chapters designed with the express purpose of helping people manage their debts and stop the incessant badgering of collection agencies – as well as more dire circumstances like utility shut-offs, lawsuits and repossessions.



Anne Piero Silagy, Esq., Attorney at Law, is an attorney specializing in the Bankruptcy Code. Her expertise in this area is absolutely unsurpassed, and she can masterfully guide you through the complex process of declaring bankruptcy. There’s a right way and a wrong way to declare bankruptcy, and we can ensure that you do it correctly. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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